Daily Edge | 6.28.23

Matt Brienen
December 13, 2022
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Further committing to blockchain-based initiatives, Warner Music Group announced Wednesday that it has formed a new music accelerator program in partnership with Polygon Labs that seeks to bolster decentralized music-related apps and projects built on the Polygon network. The program will specifically seek out projects operating at the intersection of music and the blockchain. Some examples of top priorities for Warner and Polygon purportedly include companies attempting to create new mechanisms for the decentralized distribution of music, those focused on fostering artist-fan communities, those building on-chain ticketing solutions, and those exploring music-related collectible merchandise. Successful projects in those areas would ideally operate on the Polygon blockchain.
Big Move Riot purchases 33,000 #Bitcoin miners for $163 million Dollars . ahead of Btc Halving.
Cathie Wood’s ARK #Bitcoin ETF now in pole position to be approved after application was amended to include surveillance sharing agreement just like BlackRock’s.
Crypto exchange KuCoin is set to mandate know-your-customer (KYC) procedures for all clients starting July 15. Users must complete KYC to fully access KuCoin's products and services, or they will face limitations, the exchange operator said Wednesday. If KYC procedures are not completed, users will only be able to use services such as spot trading sell orders, futures trading deleveraging, margin trading deleveraging, "earn" product redemptions and ETF redemptions, KuCoin said. They will not be able to make deposits to the exchange but they can withdraw. The move comes four months after New York State Attorney General Letitia James sued KuCoin, saying the crypto exchange is an unregistered commodities and securities broker or dealer. KuCoin rival Binance was also recently charged by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, where the regulator said Binance designed “special policies and procedures to help VIP customers evade both IP address-based compliance controls and KYC documentation-based compliance controls.”
MicroStrategy has acquired an additional 12,333 BTC for ~$347.0 million at an average price of $28,136 per #bitcoin . As of 6/27/23 @MicroStrategy hodls 152,333 $BTC acquired for ~$4.52 billion at an average price of $29,668 per bitcoin.
Government of Georgia and Tether have partnered "to make Georgia a global powerhouse in #Bitcoin "

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