Daily Edge | 1/03/23

Matt Brienen
December 13, 2022
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Crypto CliffsNotes

Blockchain payments technology firm Ripple has won a patent for a design that can execute smart contracts based on data collected from the outside world. Earlier this week, Ripple Labs received a patent (No. 10,789,068) for a smart contract that can use oracles to connect a distributed platform to a variety of different real-world data.
SBF pleads not guilty to fraud and other financial crimes. Sam Bankman-Fried's lawyer asks that the identities of 2 people co-signing SBF's bond be redacted - the plot continues to thicken.
Last week, the Securities Commission of The Bahamas (SCB) said it altogether sent FTX crypto worth $3.5 billion, valued at the time of transfer, for safekeeping on Nov. 12. The transfers were made shortly after FTX filed for bankruptcy in the US and amid odd cyberattacks on the platform.
Crypto exchange giant Binance is once again making moves in South Korea, as it is reportedly acquiring a major stake in local exchange GOPAX. Binance will be buying a 41.2% stake from GOPAX CEO Lee Jun-Haeng, who will remain at the exchange once the sale is finalized. GOPAX is already one of the five largest crypto exchanges in South Korea.
The Grayscale Ethereum Trust is trading at its highest discount yet of nearly -60%.
Cameron Winklevoss took shots at Grayscale's Barry Silbert on Twitter claiming he has outstanding loans that are due, however Barry refuted claiming they are up to date with all DCG interest payments with the next maturity date not occurring until May 2023. AP_Abacus chimed in with his look: "UPDATE: Expect @Gemini to force @GenesisTrading into Ch. 11 bankruptcy imminently.
We examined an on-chain metric, showing how previous bottoming structures have formed with negative sentiment like we're seeing currently. Jim Cramer & Economist Magazine have called for a bad year in crypto ahead.

Technical Tune Up

  The DOW enjoyed a short lived 300pt rally today, testing the highs of range & closed the day down just 10pts. DXY however enjoyed a nice 1.15% gain for the day, with a small break of structure on the 12hr chart, suggesting a short-term rally for the dollar might be in store.  

DXY 12hr

  We also looked at a potential Solana (SOL) play as price pulls back up towards the top of its range. Entry @ $14.93 | Stop Loss @ $15.86 | Take Profit @ $11.05. Calculate your position size in the Weekly Play section.  



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