Daily Edge | 12/29/22

Matt Brienen
December 13, 2022
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Crypto CliffsNotes

Bank of Japan is doing another round of emergency bond purchasing.
German car manufacturer BMW plans to integrate blockchain technology into its daily operations and create a blockchain loyalty program for its customers in Thailand. The popular carmaker has onboarded blockchain infrastructure firm Coinweb as its decentralized architecture provider and BNB Chain for settling transactions.
Cryptocurrency lender Celsius Network said it is preparing to file a motion requesting a deadline extension for users to submit their claims by another month. “For now, the deadline is extended until the motion is heard by the Court. We will provide further updates on the bar date as they become available.”
Dylan LeClair shared a tweet reminding us of the dangers of fractional reserve banking: "The FDIC insures $9 trillion of deposits with $125 billion worth of assets."
The Central Bank of Turkey has successfully carried out the first payment transactions on its central bank digital currency network as part of an initial test phase.
China’s wallet app for its digital yuan central bank digital currency (#CBDC) introduced a feature for users to send money in an electronic version of traditional “red packets”.
Binance now allows users to purchase crypto using Apple Pay and Google Pay.
SBF is allowed on the internet but not allowed to make purchases over $1,000, or start a business. The SEC charges Sam Bankman-Fried with fraud (again). Sam and FTX diverted $200 million in customer funds to its venture fund, investing $100 million into a fintech company called "Dave"
You can now stake HBAR on Uphold for 5% APY.

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